Since 1999, the VoiceAmericaTM Talk Radio Network has been streaming live Internet talk radio programs, featuring more than 300 hosts broadcasting on eight genre-based channels: its flagship VoiceAmerica Variety, Health & Wellness, Business, Sports, 7th Wave, The Green Talk, Power Up Motorsports and Kids. VoiceAmerica is the single largest producer of original Internet talk radio programming in the world.

Hosts on the VoiceAmericaTM Talk Radio Network are hand-selected. All shows air live once a week, then are archived in the host’s on-demand library and syndicated through iTunes Voice America provides each host with one click sharing capabilities to all of the most popular online sites such as MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. The on-demand library also includes bookmarking links, a branded bookmark library and a direct RSS feeds!


The VoiceAmericaTM Talk Radio Network has over 4.5 Million listeners and continues to grow. -September2012\n\nOnline listening continues to reach record highs.

According to Arbitron & Edison Media, online radio:

  • Attracts an upscale, well-educated and employed audience
  • Delivers 14% of persons in the prime 18-49 radio buying demo.
  • Reaches one in five 18-54 year olds per week
  • Is desirable because it offers more “Variety” and “Control” over other forms of radio

VoiceAmerica’s Audience

42% of our listeners are female and 58% of our listeners are male
57% of our female listeners are between the ages of 25-49
43% of our male listeners are between the ages of 25-55
62% of respondents have listened for over a year
42% have been listening for 5 months or less
68% say they tuned in 3 or more days each week

*Specific demographics are driven by the content, the host and the show

Arbitron’s Radio Today

N/T/I is the #1 format nationally
More than 75% of listeners have attended or graduated from college
64% of listeners reside in households earning at least $50,000 per year
40% of listeners live in households generating $75,000 or more
In general, listeners are involved online more than the average consumer

The investment in learning among listeners has a correlating payoff in purchasing power