Hi Michelle, I cant tell you how much we appreciated all the kind words you said about our stores on Saturday. We set a new sales record at two of the stores and Im sure your talk show was one reason for the success. Thanks again!

  • Ann Siner CEO, My Sisters Closet
Michelle Just a note to let you know how much I value your radio magazine I love the variety, meaningful information and just plain fun you have with this medium! Keep up the good work! You make listening a satisfying experience!!!

  • Karin Johnson Peak Concierge Services, LLC
Michelle Corr’s dynamic presence is contagious! She is a connector, organizer, facilitator, and informer. From mainstream to metaphysical she is a fabulous conduit of information leading to growth and abundant possibilities for you and your company. Michelle is like a stone thrown into a pond. Just one meeting with her and the connections start rippling out like tidal waves and more importantly coming back toward you!

  • Dr. Alison Doc Ali Arnold VH1 Official Life Coach Scott Baio & Charm School Head Coach U.S. Gymnastics Team, Author, Scream & Run Naked
Dear Michelle, You bring the best and the brightest stars all together to teach this world to be a better place. I am grateful to you for all the gifts you share with us. I am always inspired! Blessings of Peace, Love & Joy Always!

  • Susan Cullen Scottsdale, AZ
Hi There, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the show, and especially the darling Michelle! Her insights are invaluable and entertaining!

  • Lauren Frances, Author, Dating, Mating, and Manhandling
Michelle Corr 6 is a great change from the typical banter most stations offer. I love the show. Keep up the good work!

  • Michelle Anton Former Oprah & Dr. Laura Producer
Michelle ~ I was out Xmas shopping on Saturday and found myself sitting in front of the stores a lot listening. Great format, great stack, great guest, total home run! Ill be lucky if I can hold on to you until January! Youre so talented, and damn sexy on air.

  • Shane Sisson, AZ Family
Excellent show today! I was working in my office and heard the entire show lot of material that I enjoy and am familiar with. Many of my friends have kids, AND my friend with a daughter (my god-daughter) had a TERRIBLE divorce. He was freaked for a year, completely. Being in, on and around radio since I was 15 years old, I REALLY appreciate good info and good flow. I was interested and thats probably the best compliment I can give someones talk show. Nice work. I truly am more intrigued about you!

  • Dave Rajput, Radio DJ, Loyal Fan & Long Time Listener
Hi Honey, Anytime you want me to do some on-the-show counseling, let me know. The emails and phone calls have not stopped since my interview. My aim is to help millions of people before I die. Your show has reached farther and faster than any TV or Radio Ive done so far, thank you!

  • Jane Fendelman, MC
Hi Michelle, I want to thank you again for hosting me on your show 6-Degrees. You are a great to talk with and a delightful interviewer. Your show gave me great exposure for my upcoming book, and the added bonus of a Podomatic of my segment. I love it that Im able to lay the link into my website so those visiting my website can click on the show and listen to the interview. It gives them a good flavor for the book and adds a great interactive component to my site. Cheers!

  • Kristi DeWitt, Author, Stories from the Dating Trenches
Hi Michelle, Thank you for the experience of being on your show! I had a ball and was in such a good mood the rest of the weekend! Not that Im not most often in a good mood it make such a difference to be surrounded by people with positive energy!

  • Amy Mac, Amy Mac Designs