Michelle Corr | Social Media
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Social Media

Michelle Corr & Michelle Corr Media (MCM) uses Social Media, Internet Radio, live audio streams, podcast feeds, page views, downloads, subscribers, archives, YouTube as well as iTunes to build your Traditional Media – Radio, Television, Print- so our audience is always connected!

We utilize our relationships with community influencers, strategic partners and Social Media networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Podomatic, to syndicate your message to increase your visibility, credibility, and establish a loyal customer base!

While we promote you through our Social Media, it is important to build your own platforms as an essential component to your Landing communications. We can assist you with customized Social Media Branding for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

GOT FRIENDS? You may only get one chance to make a first impression, yet, you have multiple opportunities to leave a lasting one!

The average Social Media user has:

  • 338 Facebook Friends
  • 150 Instagram Followers
  • 150 Twitter Followers

Some experts value each Friends or Fan at $174 … what are you waiting for?

MCM is grateful for our . . .

Twitter Followers 1,865 LinkedIn Connections 3,216
Facebook Friends 4,885 Instagram Followers 1,262
Facebook Subscribers 3,014 Foursquare Fans 738
Facebook Fans 1,153 Google+ Peeps 324
Yelp 894 eMail Members 500
KWSS Facebook 9,098 KWSS Web Traffic 275 K
VoiceAmerica Facebook 23,089 VoiceAmerica Web Traffic 4.2 M
* As of January 2017