Michelle Corr | Magnify
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Todays marketplace is full of launch platforms; Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations Campaigns and Media Channels: Radio, Television, Print and Video.

What is right for you? Where is your loyal following . . . locally, nationally or globally.

Magnification includes:

  • Campaign Production
  • Launch
  • Analysis
  • Understanding
  • Amplification

We produce and launch all approved media tactics and social media plans on time and monitor every detail like .

We analyze all tactics, in real-time whenever possible, with one ear to your staff, customers’, and community reactions, responses and pulse rates.

We seek to fully, deeply understand the success and effect our work is having in your inner culture, as well as, in the social, public and global media. We keep an open, two-way, dialogue with you to monitor the buzz.

We amplify what works and tweak what doesn’t. We magnify the most potent tactics to maximize your social enthusiasm.

Magnification multiplies: 

  • Which platforms communicate your Brand creating an instant Target Market?
  • Why positioning yourself as a Celebrity brings people and opportunities to you?
  • What creating Celebrity Status & Strategic Connections can do for your Brand?