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We interview, research, assess and use archetypal brand models to discover your innermost truth. Our process reveals your true purpose, clarifies principles and priorities – the most authentic and distinctive parts of your brand’s core values, culture and capacity.


  • Tactical Planning

An external analysis can be leveraged to gain numerous business insights. In this instance, it will be used as a feasibility and project prioritization document.

We research your website and social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) as well as those of your top market competitors.

We interview a select sampling of your management, leadership team, staff and strategic partners to identify what has been, what is and what may be.

We deliver a digital Brand Analysis to show you the potential of your existing brand and culture to take your brand to new levels of financial, ethical, social and cultural success.

Our research allows us to develop solid Social Media Sales and Promotional Strategies, and create highly-targeted advertising campaigns, while lowering your cost-per-customer and increasing ROI.

Audience Insights & Assessment

Facebook Fans:  Current fans demographics, gender, age, income, interests, education, relationship status, purchase behavior, etc.

Database: When available, we can upload your current email list into Facebook, examine your current clients, and extract their exact profile as above.

Follow Analytics:  Online data (including Google Insights/Analytics), website traffic, top keywords, text & banner ads are analyzed for both your current online presence and your competitors.

Graphic Reports:  For existing market footprints as well as opportunities for deeper customer insights (see following page)